About Akay

Hello and welcome here,

When I was creating this page with my friend, M, I said with much excitement, “we need an ‘About Us’ page”, and she looked at me and said, you mean an “About” page, there is no us. Thing is, there kind of is.

Right now, it is only me, Akay and a couple of contributors, but the plan is to develop this into a collaborative blog. As a result, I am always mindful that notwithstanding their absence, I am building our shared story.

I am the first child and I was raised in a home with a tremendous amount of love. I think these are the biggest parts of who I am.

Biggest life influences: My parents; Lagos; All the Chicken Soups (and now HONY); Oprah; Claire Huxtable/so many TV moms; my aunties; the many women who have come ahead of me and fought so hard for me to be able to live my truth however, I define that to be; KAw (a senior woman that I worked with in banking, who showed me that women could be fierce, “physically absent on weekdays” and still raise exceptional kids (she will tell you she had a lot of help) ALSO she shattered that stereotype of bad female bosses with her mama bear hugs <3.

Most significant cultural influences: Igbo, Yoruba, American thought (political and philosophical, liberal ideology and popular culture)

Favorite Food: Ofe {Oha, Onugbu, Akwu, Okazi and peanut soup} and garri | Avocado Toast | Oatmeal

Favorite Instagram handles (current): Nayyirah Waheed (ok, so I don’t know whether I should gush about her now or save that for a post, but if you are woman and you have ever felt any emotion before, please follow her on IG, her handle is: nayyirah.waheed), ellevest, GirlBoss, LevoLeague, CareerContessa, Kasfacts, goodgirlbadthoughts, officialbonnetchronicles, maraji_

Favorite blog: Cup of Jo (I love Joanna so much, her blog name was once the password on my laptop)

Favorite place to vacation: Any place with water and mountains

Favorite thing ever (current): Amazing conversations, quotes, podcasts and memes

Favorite thing to watch: The West Wing, Procedural Drama (alladem, but mostly Law & Order SVU and CSI and Bones), History Channel and PBS

For the nuances, you have to stay tuned, but I'm sure you noticed that I can't pick one favorite anything.

Thank you for stopping by.